Roof Fund

Help Us Fix Our Roof

Our Goal is to raise $44,000 to repair the roof. 

Our progress on the Roof Fund – We need your help

The members of the Rockledge Model Railroad Museum (Gatsme Model Railroad Club), have spent a significant amount of time renovating the old mill building.  Funds to work on the building came from members as well as your donations. Funds have supported getting the model railroad exhibit developed and running. Over 1500 visitors have seen our work since our grand opening September 2018. 

We examined the roof when we moved in and found some minor issues, but the material looked in decent shape. 

We repaired some of the roof beams underneath where there had been some infiltration. We also repaired the main drain in the roof. Some patch work near the old ventilators, on the sides and a few seams was done. 

Overall, this has held for a couple of years. We had hoped that it would have held a while longer.  Unfortunately, we have had new seams open and have not been able to sufficiently repair them.

Below are some pics showing where we have tried to patch seams and how rain water pools on the roof.

This is why we have started a roof repair fund.  We have already made progress putting money aside, but we need your help.

The dark areas are where the ballast has been washed out. This is just one example.

We have had damage to the railroad – We found washed out ballast just like what happens to real railroads when there is a flood. This also damages the roadbed. We have put up scuppers to direct the water out beyond the railroad to reduce damage to our work. 

Please Help with your donation.

Our Goal is to raise $44,000 to repair the roof. 

You can donate through PayPal with your account or a credit/debit card. Click Donate.

If you are in the roofing industry as a contractor or supplier we would like to talk about working/partnering with you to help fix our roof.