Why We Fundraise

Gatsme Model Railroad Club, Inc., aka. Rockledge Model Railroad Museum has been successful for over 60 years. The organization is currently building its fourth railroad. We have consistently been involved in our community. We continue our goal of education about the hobby of Model Railroading and the railroads of Pennsylvania. While we love opening our doors for the public to enjoy our museum, it takes a lot of resources to maintain the building and provide a memorable visitor experience.

We have purchased our current abode and are not dependent on a landlord, but we have a mortgage. We also have to pay school and property taxes, water and electric services, security monitoring, heating and cooling, sprinkler and safety inspections, building insurances and miscellaneous repairs. None of the former includes development of the museum exhibits, just the building upkeep.

Our members pay dues and often contribute supplies for the building and the museum. We have had some significant donations of money, labor, and materials to helps us get to this point. We are grateful for these and for the donations that our visitors give us on open house days.

However – It is not enough – WE NEED YOUR HELP!

You can donate through PayPal with your account or a credit/debit card. Click Donate.

You can also send a tax deductible donation to:

Rockledge Model Railroad Museum
323 Montgomery Ave, Rockledge PA 19046

We are a 501 (c)(3), Not for Profit Organization